Golf Course

Enjoy your golf at Tropics seven days a week

Course History

From July 2017

  • Initial course revival

  • Irrigation reinstatement

  • Emergency greens resurfacing

  • Bunker reconstruction

  • Large scale flood mitigation works

  • Positive impact during 2019 floods

Current Course Projects

  • Second round of greens resurfacing
  • Extended drainage and flood mitigation works
  • Water storage reticulation

Driving Range

  • 350m length
  • Open 6am to 6pm 7 days

Enjoy your golf at Tropics seven days a week.

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Hole 1
Par 4. Length; B-337m, W-325m, Y-312m, R-290m. Index; M-13, L-12.
Hole 2
Par 5. Length; B-432m, W-422m, Y-391m, R-379m. Index; M-14, L-10.
Hole 3
Par 3. Length; B-200m, W-180m, Y-120m, R-110m. Index; M-3, L-18.
Hole 4
Par 4. Length; B-372m, W-345m, Y-313m, R-307m. Index; M-9, L-7.
Hole 5
Par 5. Length; B-465m, W-444m, Y-433m, R-409m. Index; M-18, L-4.
Hole 6
Par 4. Length; B-398m, W-390m, Y-380m, R-329m. Index; M-6, L-2.
Hole 7
Par 3. Length; B-165m, W-155m, Y-149m, R-140m. Index; M-15, L-16.
Hole 8
Par 4. Length; B-354m, W-332m, Y-323m, R-290m. Index; M-4, L-11
Hole 9
Par 4. Length; B-375m, W-362m, Y-327m, R-304m. Index; M-8, L-6.
Hole 10
Par 4. Length; B-400m, W-335m, Y-317m, R-285m. Index; M-5, L-9
Hole 11
Par 3. Length; B-142m, W-133m, Y-125m, R-95m. Index; M-17, L-17.
Hole 12
Par 4. Length; B-325m, W-309m, Y-297m, R-274m. Index; M-12, L-13.
Hole 13
Par M-5, L-4. Length; B-474m, W-440m, Y-324m, R-320m. Index; M-11, L-5.
Hole 14
Par 4. Length; B-420m, W-401m, Y-381m, R-334m. Index; M-1, L-1.
Hole 15
Par 4. Length; B-328m, W-315m, Y-306m, R-262m. Index; M-7, L-14
Hole 16
Par 4. Length; B-398m, W-374m, Y-312m, R-308m. Index; M-3, L-8.
Hole 17
Par 3. Length; B-192m, W-169m, Y-155m, R-133m. Index; M-2, L-15.
Hole 18
Par 5. Length; B-495m, W-470m, Y-461m, R-436m. Index; M-16, L-3.